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0.07 CC Rosé Mix ripsmed

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The Rosé range is characterised by a deep black color and a thin gluestripe that makes lashing very easy. The series is suitable for different techniques.

There are 16 rows in the box, about 5000 lashes.

6mm 2 row, 7mm 2 row, 8mm 2 row, 9mm 2 row, 10mm 3 row, 11mm 3 row, 12mm 2 row.

The foil backround makes eyelash removal quick and easy and leaves no traces on the lash palette.

CC curvature is the intermediate curvature between C and D curvature.

Packaged in a beautiful plastic box, which can be reused e.g. to give the customer a home care guide and an eyelash brush.

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1 Review Write a review
  1. Estonian


    Väga hea kvaliteediga karvad. Liimiribalt tuleb karv raskema vaevata ilusti lahti

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