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Cluster Eyelashes

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Eyelash extensions that let you be your own eyelash technician.
In one box, you will find lashes in lengths of (Short) 8mm, 10mm and 12mm or (Long) 10-12-14mm. By combining different lengths, you can create just the lash style you want. One eye can hold about 4-5 lashes. The box contains 30 cluster eyelashes.

Choose from four different styles. 01 is more natural and even, 05 is in Kardashian style and creates a nice, a bit messy look . 03 gives a Whispy result and 08 a darker one.
You can get the most natural result by applying Mascara Glue below your eyelashes. The result lasts for 3-4 days, depending on lifestyle and care.

The lashes have a transparent attachment and therefore remain less noticeable. Packed in an environmentally friendly paper box, without the use of plastic.

How to use with eyelash glue (eg Duo, etc.): Apply a thin layer of glue to Cluster eyelash and allow to dry for 30 seconds. When the glue has dried, place the Cluster eyelash on the lash line. Stylize your lashes.

How to use with Mascara Glue: Apply a thin layer of glue to clean lashes. The use of mascara is not recommended. Using tweezers, apply Cluster eyelashes to the underside of your lashes (about 1mm from the lashes). Start from the outer corner and move on to the inner corner until the desired result is complete (usually 4-5 tufts to cover the whole eye). Press gently and make sure the lashes are tight. The result lasts for 3-4 days. Avoid getting lashes wet and usage of oily products.

Removal: Mascara Glue can be removed with a two-phase eye make-up remover that contains oil. Remove false eyelashes and moisten a cotton pad with makeup remover. Put a cotton pad on your lashes and let it work for a while. Turn the cotton pad in half and remove the lash glue from the lashes. Don’t pull and be gentle with your natural lashes.

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